Eudaemon Mentoring: Increase Well-Being with Peers




Despite the well-known benefits of mentoring, formal mentoring is not commonplace for the average person. Time constraints, fear of rejection, lack of awareness, and cultural or organization barriers are causing mentoring services to be available to only a lucky few.

But what if there was a way to shift the perception of mentoring and open the benefits to the masses?

This is exactly what Danny Teal, Professor of Integral Studies and Visiting Professor at the School of Economics and Business, University of Ljubljana, Slovenia, has set his mind to.

Introducing Eudaemon Mentoring (EM).

The Aristotelian theory of ethics called Eudaimonia emphasizes the importance of virtues and character in achieving a state of human flourishing. The theory emphasizes the importance of finding a balance between extremes, and that all virtues are the mean between two vices. For example, courage is a mean between the vices of cowardice and recklessness, while generosity is a mean between the vices of stinginess and extravagance.

EM is a form of peer mentoring that brings two individuals together to identify their own personal virtues to assist them in achieving personal and professional goals. This new powerful tool helps individuals achieve the fullest utilization of their talents and abilities. has exclusive access to this innovative peer mentoring program and is measuring its effectiveness within the data science community.

EM provides access to a safe and non-judgmental space for people to share thoughts

and feelings. With its guided open-verbal-communication and practiced-listening activities, those that practice EM, gain insights and strategies for addressing whole- life challenges.

In line with the cardinal virtue of generosity, EM works on a donation basis. Those that use it are simply asked to pay-what-feels-right. The program itself serves as an act of giving freely without expectation of anything in return.

EM is for individuals looking to develop a deeper understanding of themselves and their values. It is for those that wish to continually build confidence and self-esteem while cultivating a sense of gratitude and appreciation for their lives and experiences. EM builds supportive relations in environments where the pace of change and demands of life can sometimes leave individuals feeling disconnected from their sense of purpose.

EM is not for everyone; its benefits ultimately depend on the effort and commitment of those who participate. For the best results, it’s important to actively engage in the program, complete the activities, and set your own schedule to ensure that you are making progress towards your goals. With dedication and effort, the program can help you achieve a greater sense of purpose and fulfilment in your personal and professional life.

This program is helping both mentor and mentee data scientists enhance their expertise and stay up with the latest trends in data science education. Enter the community of influencers through this elite club of mutual mentor-mentee relationships.

This is an EM program for Data Scientists and is a one-on-one peer mentoring program that helps mentees progress by sharing technical resources and reinforcing their skills and knowledge. Mentors collaborate on specific problems and provide advice, support, and guidance to help mentees focus on specific goals.

To get started, register for your first EM for DS session here.

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