The Culture

Data Scientists Dot Com is built upon the culture of the data scientist culture promoted at Data Scientists Dot Net.  The core fundamentals of our data scientist’s culture are:

  • Always embrace change
  • Learn to love learning
  • Create everything transparently
  • Serve to inspire
  • Teach for action and transformation

The Code of Ethics

Section I – Data Transparency and Compliance

  • I will comply with industry standards on data quality.
  • I will provide details on how to access all source data behind a data manipulation or visualisation.
  • I will respect the privacy and confidential information of others.
  • I will abide by the governing laws and not partake in illegal activity.

Section II – Service Excellence

  • I will endeavour to understand those I work with and for and gain clarity around the needs, problems, and ambitions in order to deliver solutions that help them move towards their goals.
  • I will endeavour to make data and systems simple without making them simpler.
  • I will provide or make available support for all developed solutions.
  • I will provide transparency about my current skills and level of interest in developing all proposed solutions.

Section III – Community and Collaboration

  • I will endeavour to make available all data outputs under a creative commons or open source licence.
  • I will honour the spirit of creative common and open source licences and give credit where credit is due.
  • I will honour and engage my peers in the data science industry with respect and professionalism.