How AI Software is Changing the Future of the Automotive Industry

Artificial intelligence technology is changing the future of many industries. Global companies spent over $328 billion on AI last year. This figure is expected to...

Data Scientists: The New Rock Stars of the Tech World

The data scientist role is fast becoming the most sought after career of the technology world. We asked top data scientist Jake Porway from The New York Times about how he got his job, and his tips for success in the field.

Data Scientist Bridge

Forbes – Enlisting Data Science In The Pursuit Of Measuring Happiness

Is it possible to measure happiness? Can we compare countries on the basis of a universal yardstick for collective happiness similar to Gross National...

How to position yourself as a Data Scientist

What is a Data Scientist?

Is a Data Scientist defined by what they do or by what they have done?  JISC defines a Data Scientist as “people who work...