The Union of Data Scientists has taken on the serious profession endeavour of revolutionizing the next generation’s vision of work-life balance. The Data Scientist role is a role of the next generation and is more than a new term for experts that combine the fields of technology, business, mathematics and research, it is an opportunity to think and act differently about the way go about our daily jobs and bring a level on consolidation to creating real sustainable solutions for the world.

When the environmental conditions are right, new entities will evolve.  Essentially, this is just another way of looking at survival of the fittest.  Today‚Äôs environment has caused a shift in the way data is created, in the way things are done, in the way we collaborate, and in the way see true value.  And in this environment the role of the data scientist has evolved. Why has this role evolved? To allow for us to create better data, to create it effectively and efficiently, to share it wholly, and to tap into the true value that exists in the data.

At the Union of Data Scientists we believe that a Data Scientist is one that collaborates with others that have dreams of a product of outcome. A Data Scientist is a facilitator in the synthesis and actualization of planned those products or outcomes. Working as an invaluable team member, the Data Scientist is participatory in business deal making, project formulation, project execution and ongoing follow up support.

Our drive is to compliment focused direction and leadership with data-driven processes and outcomes. Using our extensive knowledge and tools of the trade we deliver massive results with ease. We promote an environment that allows our Data Scientists to do their job as naturally as drinking a cool glass or water.

We don’t have clients we have partners and together we support each other in achieving bucket list dreams. We remove the hard work involved in determining budgets, ownership and obligations. Through coordination of available resources we map a way for maximum capacity results.

Balancing ingenuity with reality, tradition with innovation, and contentedness with ambition, we harness the power of the mind to create future sustainable solutions for the everyday person, organisation or community.