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A developing mental framework with an established structure of organisational thinking.

Starting with Creative Writing

Creative writing increases mindfulness. Engaging in creative writing forces you to remain present and focused on the task at hand, relieving you of any anxiety and stress you may have brought to the experience. It’s a simple form of mindfulness training anyone can experience.

Creative outlets lower stress. Similar to other forms of mindfulness, including meditation and yoga, creative pursuits such as creative writing have been found to lower blood pressure, the stress hormone cortisol, and your body mass index.

You are a writer whenever you are writing. Creative writing is one of the most natural and easy creative outlets available and essential for establishing a brand story.

Data Scientists Dot Com is always available to encourage your success. Our resources includes: mentoring, sound boarding, editing and suggestion making. We work for nominal fees and on a sliding scale depending on your job order. Whether getting starting or continuing your journey with alignment and direction we are here to help.

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