Developing A Pragmatic Data Strategy In Five Practical Steps




Developing a data strategy according to your business needs is crucial for long-term success. The pragmatic data strategy has shown positive results and taken businesses to the next level. It focuses on reducing the risk of data misuse, creating more reliable data foundations, and enabling new ideas.

Here are five simple steps for adopting a pragmatic data strategy for your business👇

  1. Unified Data Solutions are necessary for adopting a pragmatic data strategy. Connect the data from business departments to find actionable insights for the whole business.
  2. Customer-Centric Approach is crucial for achieving the business’ data goals. Collect data across the customer journey to improve your products and services.
  3. Data Should Be Front And Center in a pragmatic data strategy. Leverage the power of data to reduce costs, automate processes, and improve productivity.
  4. A More Flexible And Responsible Approach to data collection and analysis can prove to be successful. Analyze the impact of every data interaction to create a pragmatic data strategy that achieves its goals.
  5. Improving Data Literacy among your employees is also important for the success of a pragmatic data strategy

For creating and implementing a successful data strategy, use the pragmatic data approach to get the best results for your business.

As more companies seek to grow their analytical and AI capabilities, more are learning about the importance of a pragmatic data strategy as a foundation Business leadership are turning to their data organisations to drive points on analytics and AI ROI. The pragmatic data strategy framework was created by expert data strategist Seren Yashar and myself in order to help enterprises quickly evaluate and design their data strategy.

You can find both frameworks here, just select â€˜data strategy’ in the drop down box and you can download them for free.

If you want to talk more about topics such as data science, AI, and blockchain make sure to get in touch.

Also, if you are interested in becoming a data scientist, make sure to check out Beyond Machine. If you care more about executive topics, such as data strategy, make sure to visit the website of the Tesseract Academy.

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